1. paultwin's Avatar
    my blackberry storm has the you tube application, access onto youtube is easy, so is searching, but wen i try to watch a video the picture ia terrible and breaks up, the sound is as bad, for instance a music vid sounds ok for a split second then breaks up , every few seconds it will be ok for 2 or 3 seconds then breaks up again,
    can you help me, its driving me nuts !
    02-20-09 12:22 PM
  2. apetit's Avatar
    Sounds/looks (sorry) like a network issue. The data stream is not continuous enough to feed the playback so it stutters...
    02-20-09 01:19 PM
  3. TheChampJT's Avatar
    They use a very poor format for the vids through the app and site.
    02-20-09 02:19 PM
  4. bbcruiser's Avatar
    Video quality isn't that great but the streaming works fine. No break ups for me.
    02-20-09 02:37 PM
  5. minigts's Avatar
    I think it's the network that is causing the issue for you. "The Network" for me streams great.
    02-20-09 02:43 PM
  6. misskim's Avatar
    Used to happen to me alot too, enough that I never watched anything on youtube. I ugraded my OS to a leaked one, and it works much better. (Might just be me though)
    02-20-09 02:44 PM
  7. NuclearPigeon's Avatar
    I just use to mobile version. Not the app.
    02-20-09 02:52 PM