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    Occassionally...but enough to be very annoying, my BB storm will ring once, with the default/original ringtone - not the ringtone I have set for all my calls - and go directly to voicemail. I have no profiles set up, just my phone ring tone changed for all calls. It makes no difference if it's a known number or not, happens with different numbers and I've had it that I've recieved a call from my home number and it works fine with my set ringtone, then 5 minutes later, same number calls, nothing's changed and it rings once with the default and goes to voicemail. I've updated the software again. This isn't new, it's happended twice a week since I got the phone. Any suggestions? Thanks
    05-28-09 01:09 PM
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    Are you by any chance in mass storage mode when this happens (where your custom ringtone is on the memory card)? If not, then it's very possibly an issue with your OS. .122 should be your official latest release, update to that. If you're already on that, then you could try .148. I don't remember having ringer issues with .122, but each Storm seems to behave slightly different under the same OS.
    05-28-09 01:23 PM
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    Yes, this happened to me once too, but it happened while I had my phone connected to my PC.

    It seems that when you do this, any ringtones that are on your memory card will not work, but once you unhook it from your PC, everything goes back to normal.

    If you weren't connected to a PC or anything like that, then I'm not too sure what the problem would be.


    I also noticed that if you have it set to vibrate, your ring tone will only go off once, maybe twice before going to voice mail.
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    05-28-09 01:51 PM