1. Matheos's Avatar
    I just realised that no matter what incoming message/email/phone call I receive, the same ring tone plays.

    I tried changing the alert for each (sms/email/phone) but when it samples the selected tone, it is still the same!

    Is there a fix for this or is it a 0.83 issue?

    12-26-08 09:58 PM
  2. Ndahlseid's Avatar
    ok one of our phones are screwed up. mine does it fine and i am running .83 are you saying that when you do the "try it" option even if you change the tone it plays the same old one it was previously set at?
    12-26-08 11:18 PM
  3. Matheos's Avatar
    well, i was having this problem. the 'try it' option would still only play the same tone, and when i saved changes it was again the same tone for all three (phone/email/sms).

    But, i ended up doing a full wipe of my phone and re-installing 0.83 and now the tones work fine. Am about to upgrade to 0.85 if there's a link for the 9500!
    12-27-08 03:51 PM