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    So i recently got a rhapsody to go subscription and im trying to drag and drop music to put on the phone. But it says i have to authorize my device first. so i do. and it still doesnt work.. saying that i have to reconfigure the device and media card. LAME. people have said to delete the hidden DRM file. cant find that.. i have mass storage mode OFF. and i have MTP ON. Any suggestions anyone? ive been working on this for days!((((
    HELP ME!)
    12-13-09 12:30 AM
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    I've had problems getting Rhapsody to detect my Storm 9530 for many frustrating months. I finally stumbled upon the ability to send in a request for technical assistance and did. Here's their response:

    Iím really sorry to inform you that we are aware of this issue and our technicians are working on it. At present, I donít have an ETA on when it would be resolved and I hope it will be resolved at the earliest.

    As a workaround. Please perform the given below solutions.

    We noticed, this seems to be an issue with windows media player version 10 installed in the computer. If the customers are using windows media player 10, then it does not show up the actual device name as shown in the above screenshot. This issue can be fixed updating the windows media player version to 11.

    Rhapsody no longer supports device transfer with versions of Windows Media Player less than 11.

    To update WMP please click on the given below link: Windows Media Download Center.

    If you are on Windows media center addition 2002, 2003 or 2004 please revert them to Rhapsody build "Reverting to an older build of Rhapsody".

    To revert, please follow the below link:

    Reverting to an older build of Rhapsody

    Once it has been fixed, you will be receiving an email regarding this

    Since I'm on Windows 7, the WMP issue is moot. So I followed the link to download an earlier version of Rhapsody (v4.0) and downloaded and installed it. Didn't help.

    Rhapsody has been threatening to release a player app for Blackberrys that will stream via your To Go subscription account. I was holding out hope for that until I saw the $10/month service (with a BB app) from Thumbplay Music. Looks like a winner.
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