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    Is there an easy way to reset my Storm's sound profiles back to default? I used the DM -> Advanced, highlighted Profile Options and Sounds and clicked clear. That didn't seem to do the trick, as upon checking the BB Messenger New Message notification volume, it still says 7, although I believe the default is 5.

    Any ideas?
    06-01-09 06:57 PM
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    Surely someone's got to know the way to completely reset all sound profiles back to the default options? Am I approaching it from the wrong angle, or do I need to do a data backup, exclude some databases, do a wipe of my phone, reload, and reimport the databases excluding specific ones or...

    It seems things on the Storm are ill thought out with sound profiles

    Edit: It seems transferring "Sounds" from an earlier backup (under the advance mode of backup/restore in DM) does update my profiles to at least the state I was using back then. But "clear" on the "Device Databases" seems to do nothing for me, it doesn't reset things back to the original state. Is there another way to wipe a database?
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    06-02-09 05:59 PM