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    I can update this issue for you all. The people who can fix this issue are working on it. No ETA for a resolution yet.

    Like you all, I'm hoping something will be available sooner rather than later.
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    I can update this once more. The people who can fix this issue are now confirmed to be working on it. No ETA for a resolution yet.

    Thanks to you all for your posts.
    THANK YOU for creating this thread, putting the info together, and getting it to someone in RIM! You did not have to do that, but you did, and I appreciate your effort.

    Do you know whether they already knew about the issue or were they not aware of the problem until you told them? (ie, if something equivalent to the 9500 leak comes for the 9530, is there a chance it would have already been addressed?)

    Thanks again.
    12-07-09 01:19 PM
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    I don't know if they knew in advance or not, but I do know that some issues take a little time to come out and to be confirmed as a bug. Chances are that since the OS passed internal testing, etc., it wasn't a wide spread enough problem to be picked up initially. This one was also further complicated as different users have been experiencing different problems (there are three to four issues that are popping up consistently, but not everyone is experiencing all of these issues and some people are experiencing the problems to differing degrees).

    But there are now enough examples to confirm it as a bug and to start diagnosing the problem.
    12-07-09 09:33 PM
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    Let them know that we, as a crack-community, are willing to beta test for them if they want to give us their latest good build to check out... to avoid these types of missed bugs..

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    Lol, I wish they would! Or at least I'd be more than happy to test any fixes myself!
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    1. Scope of the problem - I am having issues both with low/garbled volume from the voice prompts and calls not completing after the voice prompt confirmation. It says "dialing..." and never completes the call

    2. Are you seeing these problems all the time when using voice dialing, or is it just sometimes? About 80% of the time

    3. Are you seeing the problems with or without using a bluetooth headset/speakerphone? If it's always just when using a bluetooth headset or speakerphone, please list the make and model of the headset/speakerphone.

    Happens all the time with bluetooth, and some of the time with speakerphone. Bluetooth model is Motorola H715.

    I also have a big problem getting the voice dialing to recognize the phone number. It takes 10-15 times before they pick the right number (if at all). I have tried to train it with voice command calibration several times. Change to new phone. Upgrade to latest software. The problems are still there. I am very frustrated with Blackberry. next time I will get an iPhone.
    12-08-09 09:33 AM
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    Hi Donho, if/when I hear about a resolution, I'll let you know. But I'll pass along your extra info as well.

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    12-08-09 10:12 AM
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    I do not know if somebody else experience this, but I lost VAD after update .328 . I look everywhere and whole file is missing. Anybody know how to fix this?
    12-08-09 02:08 PM
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    Hi gobimmer, did you use Shrink-A-OS at all by chance and accidentally remove it? My suggestion in your case would be to redownload the OS and reinstall it to your phone. Don't forget to backup first!
    12-08-09 07:54 PM
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    Well I used BBSAK to put Russian language on it, may be it accidentally get deleted. I was hoping there is quicker way to put it back on VAD than re-download whole thing. Thanks. And yes I did have all same issue with VAD, when I had it( LOL ).
    12-09-09 02:29 PM
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    If it was deleted, you have two options. You could load the .cod files manually using BBSAK (or see if you can find which .cod file(s) are missing), but without that, the only real option I can think of is to reload the OS.
    12-09-09 02:43 PM
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    All VAD missing.... I looked and could not find it.
    12-09-09 03:12 PM
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    In this case, I'd recommend reloading the OS using a fresh copy.
    12-09-09 03:31 PM
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    Hi all,

    For those of you having problems with voice dialing on OS, can you please respond to this thread with the following information:

    1. Scope of the problem - are you having issues with low/garbled volume from the voice prompts (no impact on call quality), or are you having issues with calls not completing after the voice prompt confirmation (and it works fine the second time you try).

    2. Are you seeing these problems all the time when using voice dialing, or is it just sometimes?

    3. Are you seeing the problems with or without using a bluetooth headset/speakerphone? If it's always just when using a bluetooth headset or speakerphone, please list the make and model of the headset/speakerphone.

    I will be passing along all of the information I get here to RIM.

    Thanks in advance for your responses.

    EDIT: Just to add, I do not work for RIM in any way shape or form. But I do have someone looking into this issue and the more info I can pass on, the sooner they'll hopefully be able to track down the source of the problem. There are no guarantees that there will be a quick fix for this. At least with this info though, we can hope that the problem will be resolved in the next update.
    There is no impact on call quality for me,
    VAD never works
    - I have run the teach routine it still never recognizes first time, .323 was perfect, once it recognized a name once it was 100 percent after that. .328 NEVER recognizes it.
    - They took away the CANCEL prompt, for me if VAD does not recognize it first time it was easier to say cancel and start over, now with the new version you can't do that.
    - New VAD you can't teach via bluetooth, .323 I found much better success when I did the teach routine using my bluetooth headset. i.e. simulate the microphone that it would hear.
    - New VAD number confirmation prompts are so low in volume that unless I am in a totally quiet room there is no hope of telling what she said, even then I have to strain, but if I'm driving there is no hope and turning up the volume on the headset or phone does not help.
    VAD is always a problem with this OS, I have a Blackberry 655+
    12-09-09 11:11 PM
  15. rorkin's Avatar
    Any idea on a resolutoin time frame Krypto ??
    I am about to consider a different phone
    12-12-09 11:15 AM
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    If you are still in contact with RIM, you may want to point out to them that this represents a dangerous situation for the phone owner. Voice dialing with headsets is most commonly used in situations where you need your hands, like driving, and when the call doesn't complete, I have found myself having to pick up the phone, look at it, and dial, all while driving. I've been lucky so far, but this is not an ideal situation!
    [I also am experiencing the inability to dial, using a Motorola headset and a Samsung headset.]
    Thanks for pursuing this!
    12-12-09 12:09 PM
  17. RkyMtnSkier's Avatar
    VAD worked SO BAD, that I went back to 4.7! Liked the other features, but I cannot have a phone where VAD does not work, headset or no. 99% of the time, the names are not even close. Since I have to use the phone in the car, there was no alternative. If RIM can't get their doo-doo together, they may lose this customer.
    12-12-09 02:35 PM
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    No update yet guys. It isn't easy to get info back upstream.

    My guess is that the solution will be in the next update but your guess is as good as mine as to when that's coming.

    Phaang, already ahead of you on that one. I posted that to them already.

    Sorry I don't have anymore info yet. And to be honest chances are I may not get anymore updates unless they are able to issue a specific fix without upgrading the entire system.

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    12-12-09 11:16 PM
  19. taxed2death's Avatar
    1. Low return volume
    2. Fails to connect after confirmation
    3. Fails to recognize contacts even after training
    4. Smae result with or withour bluetooth

    Finally gave up using it after frustration and the urge to toss it out of the window.
    12-13-09 05:43 PM
  20. mmeador2's Avatar
    1. Scope of the problem

    a) The quality of the initial voice prompt is fine; it responds to changes in volume settings as expected.
    b) The response prompts ("...Did you say, 'Call John Doe?'...") is at the lowest volume and cannot be changed with the volume control.
    c) The application fails to recognize names most of the time. (The previous OS version performed almost flawlessly on the same hardware.)
    d) When the application occasionally finds the correct name from my Contacts and I can hear it, 50% of the time the application freezes and will not complete the call.

    2. Are you seeing these problems all the time when using voice dialing, or is it just sometimes?

    See above - some problems are constant and some are intermittent.

    3. Are you seeing the problems with or without using a bluetooth headset/speakerphone? If it's always just when using a bluetooth headset or speakerphone, please list the make and model of the headset/speakerphone.

    The problems appear to be related to bluetooth headset use only. I use a Plantronics 340, the same one that worked fine with the previous OS version.
    12-14-09 04:49 PM
  21. poolshark333's Avatar
    I am having the same problems as eveyone else. It only started since I upgraded to OS 5. I almost never use it now because I have no idea if it is going to work.
    12-15-09 12:13 PM
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    As is true with almost everyone else, I have the same problems with voice dialing. I changed headsets from a Motorola H715 to a Plantronics Voyager Pro and changed my procedure to allowing a full second wait between words and the problem is much reduced. I still end up finding the side of the road and parking for about 50% of my calls though, because of the failures.
    12-15-09 12:45 PM
  23. jontaylor's Avatar
    I'll add to the list of people that are having problems with this latest build. It worked great util I updated my OS to 5.0 and ever since then, I'm having the same types of problems others are having. The pause between words helps, but it's still hit or miss if it will actually place the call.
    12-15-09 01:05 PM
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    I bet Blackberry is already fielding law suits because of ruining 5.0. I almost rear-ended a car during rush hour yesterday. Missed by inches and probably caused a cardio event for the person ahead of me. I am so used to voice commands working. If it does recognize the commands, then it freezes and does not make the connection. So, the next thing to do is pick up the phone and begin searching for the name and then highlighting the number and then....BANG. I am just a basic primate doing what I am programmed to do. Train me one way and then take it away from me and then I make a mistake and then I sue. Joking aside, I will quit depending upon it while driving. Looking for a better phone now. Voice dialing and the laborious browser are making this product second rate.
    12-16-09 11:02 AM
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    I'm having these same issues. It is never consistent sometimes my Storm gets stuck after i say a command sometimes i get the right contact but it does not call out other times it calls w/o problems. i will say this, if on the first try i do not get it to dial sometimes on the second try it does.
    12-16-09 01:09 PM
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