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    Rockville Town Square Store - Rockville, MD
    Only 5 came to the store!

    So there were abour 13 of us waiting in line starting at 8:00am, they finally let us in and there is already someone at the register, no one thinks anything of it, they take our names down to call us in order, I was 8th in line. They begin servicing the 3 first people from the line, 10 minutes later they say that they are out of the Storm.
    We also find out the guy that was already in there buying it was an employee and at first they lied to us and said he's just a customer.
    Why didnt they just tell us while we were in line, or at least the second we go in the store??
    So I ended up ordering it from them and they said they will ship it overnight for free and they did the $50 mail-in rebate as an instant rebate.
    11-21-08 11:24 AM
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    Hey, i'm not sure if there is already a thread on this, but lets try to get everyone to post what their stores are saying so people know before they get there.
    11-21-08 12:00 PM