1. andonakis's Avatar
    I'm having major issues with my storm. like the screen not clicking correctly, (major frustration) freezing, so on and so on.... My wife had hers replaced no questions asked because of the screen not clicking and she didn't have to pay the 50 dollar deductible. My question is will verizon replace mine if i have a leaked os on my phone? I'm running v4.7.0.103
    02-20-09 10:12 AM
  2. Valace2's Avatar
    My advice, start to load an OS, then halfway thru yank the thing outa the computer. Just unplug the Storm. Should brick it, then take it back. You can downgrade but my way is more fun

    If its not clicking right, and I know what ya meen, I have seen those Storms that have the buggered clicking, just take it back. If the OS is jacked and you can't click the screen right, they should just hand ya another one. Much less hassle for them.
    02-20-09 10:36 AM