1. BecerraC's Avatar
    Well I received my replacement phone yesterday and for all u out there concerned let me tell u it is great. I received a refurb and am pleasantly surprised. It clicks better than the original and is working flawlessly. No scratches chips or dings. I waited a day to post to trouble shoot. So if u were like me and holding out on a refurb due to being afraid of what u get back go for it. Imo.

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    02-13-09 10:56 PM
  2. gbjess's Avatar
    Yeah...I'm on the 3rd storm the first two were brand new and the 3rd was a referb. Everything seamed to be perfect with the 3rd one until I had it a couple of days and then I found myself right back to where I was before if not worse. I have nothing but trouble...I is constintly rebooting or if I get a text, email, phone call it will alert me then it just shuts off UGH..I am SO FRUSTRATED. I hope you have better luck with your referb then I am having. Keep us updated!
    02-13-09 11:07 PM
  3. asmallchild's Avatar
    congrats on the functional refurb!
    02-13-09 11:52 PM
  4. BecerraC's Avatar
    Thanks. I was way nervous because the first was great minus the dust

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    02-14-09 03:26 AM