1. beardosh's Avatar
    Fyi..... I have been looking around for ages for a way to rename my different email account folders. I have 3 mail accounts setup on my Storm and they all start with my name. This was getting hard to identify each one. I was going into email setup on the device and changing the mailbox name but this was not saving it and no change would appear on the icon. However, once I logged into the Vodafone BIS site on my laptop (I had to register over the phone with VF) I can now change each mailbox name to whatever I choose!!

    Small things please small minds they say!!
    02-16-09 12:09 PM
  2. IAmAmirHasan's Avatar
    I do this by logging into my BIS account online. Am I allowed to post the link? I'm not sure, but you can google Verizon, BIS website and it'll pop up. Login there and go into your accounts and edit the name. It's really easy. As far as I know you can't do it from the phone, but that may have changed. It's easier for me to do it from my desktop computer.
    02-16-09 12:21 PM