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    Remember November 21st, 2008?

    I was sitting here today laughing at myself remembering standing in line at a VZW store to get a storm. I was #16 and they only had 20 in stock lol.

    I remember after they activated the first Storm, the systems crashed and I had to come back later that day to get my Storm. It was killing me all day lol.

    It was definitely the coolest cell phone I had ever played with at that point in my life, even above the iPhone.

    Wasn't it a frenzy that week trying to get a Storm?

    I do like VZW service, i came from T-Mobile where i got more (no pun intended lol) but i suppose MAYBE VZW is worth what you pay. Even having it unlocked and using it on both carriers I ended up staying on VZW (mostly because i wanted a 3G BB)

    I am happy to see that RIM is TRUELY trying to improve the OS and they have been pretty quick about it. I honestly thought it would be 90 days before we say a real update, but to of released 1 official and a ton of unofficial is amazing and not only have they genuinely improved the buggy OS (getting rid of slow transition effects, speeding the accelerometer up by %100) AND adding new features (portrait view keyboard, ???) they are doing a GOOD JOB.

    It's not quite there yet, but its come LEAPS AND BOUDNS over what it was (and quickly) and for that RIM deserves to be applauded. Should it have been released the way it was? No. Am i glad i got it as is in November 2008 instead of January 2009? YES!

    I still wish I had a Bold sometimes (but not AT&T) because i am noway near as fast on a touch screen, plus i don't feel like the Storm is as durable as a regular Blackberry but if RIM is willing to work with Storm owners (speeding it up, adding new features) I suppose I am willing to wait it out and enjoy the device as best i can

    omggg remember how SLOW the accelerometer was?! lol!
    01-28-09 11:23 PM