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    I need to replace my original Storm 2. The headphone jack only works when I turn the plug to a certain position, (listen to IHeart Radio all the time) Also the charging port works with the car charger in one position as well. And sometimes when I am typing I get repeated letters which is maddening, I have to reboot to sometimes fix that problem. I am still under warranty, probably like everyone else right now. My question is whether to go to a local store to get a refurbished one or to have one shipped in. The last time they shipped me one and I had to ship back the old one they told me to keep the battery, which was great. Any one else have any experience with this. Any input welcomed!
    07-20-10 08:40 AM
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    Its easier to have one shipped in and to call a tech over the phone. They will send you out a new device next-day and you won't have to reproduce your issue in front of an annoying rep trying to sell you the latest Android device in the store! Then, when the new one arrives in the mail, you have both devices and can run the DeviceSwitch Wizard in Desktop Manager which will transfer everything on your old (broken) device to the new one... contacts, apps, settings, everything. Then do a wipe of the old broken device and send it back to VZW. Its all very simple in the end and I prefer it to going into the store overwhelmingly.

    Welcome to Crackberry, by the way!
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    07-20-10 09:10 AM
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    Agree with d51. Get it over phone.. Better and no hassle.. But its 2 days not 1..
    07-20-10 10:03 AM
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    Made sense to me, so I called em up and have one on the way, thanks for your help!
    07-20-10 12:21 PM
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    Made sense to me, so I called em up and have one on the way, thanks for your help!
    Good! I'm glad everything has worked out. When the new device arrives, make sure to use the DeviceSwtich Wizard in the BB Desktop Management software. It will transfer over everything on the old device to the new one... contacts, settings, apps, everything. Its also a good idea to wipe the old (broken) device too before you send it to VZW just to make sure you don't have any personal information out in the world... As always, if you need any help or if you have any questions, hit the forums again. There are always people (and I mean at every hour of the day and night) around here to help.
    07-20-10 12:30 PM
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    whatever you do... please backup your phone... also... if you are giving the old phone to another... pls wipe the phone!
    07-20-10 02:00 PM