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    my storm is constantly blinking or hour glass is on and wont go any farther i try to do the jl_cmder it wont install on my pc is there any other way to fix this i took it to the place i bought it n they tell me to try to do a wipe handheld but i cant even get it to turn on to gt that far to wipe it.... I GET A WHITE SCREEN WITH a large battery w a bolt in it hope someone can help me fix this i appreciate any help to get my phone to work... thank u
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    05-01-10 05:42 PM
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    I have no idea if this will help you but what you describe I've had happen twice. Apparently my issue was something was stuck. I am not sure if it was my screen both times or a combination of my buttons and the screen. I had noticed the screen was down a bit in one corner, the bottom right near the off button. I put some force on it and I felt it adjust and it started booting up. It sounds so stupid but I was ready to toss the darn thing. The second time I did throw it and it started booting up. lol it could have been really bad but thankfully I didn't mess it up. Good Luck. I know its frustrating.
    05-01-10 09:17 PM
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    i installed the BBSAK and it tells me there is no device detected it wont let me wipe device or any other options i have my storm hooked up to my pc as well what shall i do to fix this........
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