1. deadsoul's Avatar
    i have a 8900 curve and it is my first blackberry and im really happy with it.
    i just got a storm as a gift and its a verizon version and to my surprise it actually works on GSM, i didnt know that i was that ignorant when it came to the storm.
    the storm is actually used and its running on i want to ask you guys what would be the best firmware upgrade in ur opinion, and is the storm similar to the curve when it comes to upgrading will not effect the unlock?
    because it is used every time i put my sim card that has the data plan i keep getting emails that i think belong to the old user, although i wiped the device twice, is there a way to stop this?

    you guys here seem to have a more active section in the forum than our 8900 section
    and if you guys have any recommendations for a newbie like me please go ahead...
    thanks in advanced
    03-23-09 11:47 PM