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    Knock on wood, my Storm1 has been stable for months, and this is a day-one purchased (but OS-upgraded regularly) Storm. It is currently running the latest, official VZ with very few apps installed.

    Just this past week I started "catching it" rebooting while charging (original charger). Installed MeterBerry to see if I was missing some during the day (when it is on my hip and not charging), and that seems to be it...only when plugged-in!

    MeterBerry also gives me easy access to the logs, but I can't make heads-or-tails from all the events.

    Has anyone seen this specific circumstance around reboots? I can probably count myself lucky that I don't get the totally random ones others have experienced.

    Do you think VZ will give me a new Storm 2 as a replacement?

    Thanks for any troubleshooting/tips.

    06-01-10 08:08 AM