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    Never mind, native browser was set wrong...
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    12-28-08 02:26 PM
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    12-28-08 02:55 PM
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    im confused?
    12-28-08 02:56 PM
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    I second that!

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    12-28-08 03:00 PM
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    lol, best thread eva. Doh!

    This thread should be renamed to Reason 101 not to be too quick to post something.
    12-28-08 03:01 PM
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    What?? Why bother???

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    12-28-08 03:19 PM
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    damnit...no one quoted it! fail
    12-28-08 04:02 PM
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    nevermind - I decided not to post here.
    12-28-08 04:04 PM
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    It always seems to come down to user error. lol
    12-28-08 04:08 PM
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    So why did you post this/why did you not delete this thread?

    I'm going to start a thread with:

    "I have an important question for the mods"

    Then the body is going to say "nevermind, I got it."

    12-28-08 04:10 PM