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    Ok this is really starting to bug me. I've made about three threads wondering how to get videos on to my Storm, and everyone has been such a great help getting me to the next step...but there is always something that stops me again. I have been downloading videos off of YouTube and converting them to WMV, which is supported by the Storm. I then try to drag and drop them into my device memory or media card. But a message always pops up saying that the file can be copied to the phone for storage or transportation only and that I can't watch it. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?! I am going on a trip in a few days and really want to be able to watch some videos on my phone. FYI, my plan has not started yet, otherwise I would just go to YouTube to watch em lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    01-29-09 07:00 PM
  2. ultratiger89's Avatar
    are you using desktop manager?
    01-29-09 07:06 PM
  3. hNic1185's Avatar
    If mass storage is on you don't need to use DM

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    01-29-09 07:08 PM
  4. rimbuk's Avatar
    are you using media sync with the desktop manage? IMO, for people who are having problems, this is probably the best way to transfer videos over.

    I don't know all the steps you've tried or where you're at now (exactly), but I had no problems getting videos on my storm and viewing them when I used Media sync.

    - Are you copying them to the SD card (removable storage)?

    - Are you trying to play them while connected to the computer (ie. is mass storage still on)?
    01-29-09 07:09 PM
  5. Nofanboy's Avatar
    My suggestion is to go to Red Kawa's Web site and download the video converter for the iPod. The one for the Touch works fine since the screen resolution is similar. The program also includes a YouTube downloader which I've never used, but suppose does exactly what you want. It will convert videos to mp4. They play fine on the Storm.
    01-29-09 07:13 PM
  6. Maddog9714's Avatar
    I will try that website. Whenever I go to my Desktop manager, it greys out the middle option, which is the one I think I need to use for videos. Isnt BlackBerry Media Sync only for music?
    01-29-09 07:23 PM
  7. Bruteforce's Avatar
    DL an older version of DM worked for me. v4.6
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    01-29-09 07:31 PM
  8. Maddog9714's Avatar
    Not that I doubt you, because I will try it, but why would an older version work? And what version did you use?
    01-29-09 07:33 PM
  9. Maddog9714's Avatar
    What should I go for more? WMV or MP4?
    01-29-09 07:36 PM
  10. zazzified's Avatar
    Once you figure this out feel free to post a step by step because I am admittedly too lazy to play with this. I think there are other step by steps but chances are excellent that I'll mess that up.
    01-29-09 07:37 PM
  11. Bruteforce's Avatar
    Don't know why the older version works but v4.6 doesn't show the middle section greyed out. I use the psp converter from RedKawa also and use the iphone selection. It works well. I got the info from this forum.
    01-29-09 07:40 PM
  12. Maddog9714's Avatar
    should i uninstall 4.7 before loading 4.6?
    01-29-09 07:44 PM
  13. Bruteforce's Avatar
    I did. Don't know if you have to though.
    01-29-09 07:48 PM
  14. Maddog9714's Avatar
    Yeah it just got worse. It made me uninstall it. So as I'm removing it, my computer freezes, and now I dont know how to finish the uninstall. I went to Add/Remove hardware and DM is not there anymore, but when I try to download or remove anything else, it says another install is in progress and that I cant do anything until it is done.
    01-29-09 08:00 PM
  15. Nofanboy's Avatar
    Well, what I recommend is this:
    Go to Red Kawa's Web site and download Videora Ipod Touch Converter. When installing, you'll have the option of also installing Youtube Downloader App. Do it.Let the program use its own video wizard for format selection. It will choose the MP4 format having a resolution target around 480 x 320. After having the file converted, just drag and drop it in the video folder of the media card (assuming your storm is set to mass storage.
    01-29-09 08:02 PM
  16. Maddog9714's Avatar
    I'll give it a shot, if I can ever get DM back
    01-29-09 08:04 PM
  17. Maddog9714's Avatar
    I got it working! Thank you so much to everyone who has been helping me, I know that I must be getting kind of annoying, but I just want to get the most outta my phone! Thanks again!
    01-29-09 08:51 PM
  18. bbstorm4me's Avatar
    I got it working! Thank you so much to everyone who has been helping me, I know that I must be getting kind of annoying, but I just want to get the most outta my phone! Thanks again!
    Want to tell us what finally worked for you to get it working?
    01-29-09 09:28 PM