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    IF you have never applied a screen protector or full body shield to your phone than i suggest you read this as it will help out in making sure that you apply it nicely without bubbles or areas that dot up because there was no liquid between the protector sheet and the screen.

    Although common instructions do come with most screen protectors, i found that if you follow it exactly, you will still end up not getting proper results.

    here are some key things to keep in mind:

    1. keep small sheets of water towel handy.
    2. Use as much liquid solution as possible. Do not hesitate, cellphones arent made just for dry environments... they do take into consideration that people still use and carry phones in the rain. Keeping water on the screen is fine. You obviously do not want to pour it along the sides and into the phone (thats where the paper towels come into play).

    ---> IF you run out of the liquid solution/spray that comes with some protectors, you can easily create your own. Simply mix a very small ammount of dish detergent (do not use hand soap with moisterizers and such) and mix it into a cereal bowl with warm water.
    3. if you have a full body protector, than i suggest you do everywhere else and save the screen for last (if you already have a prior OEM protector on).
    4. Soak each sheet and tip of your fingers in the solution, if you have a spray, than spray the phone so there is a layer of mist (try to avoid having large drops of water seperated out, this is why alot of screen protector applications come out bad).
    5. When placing the protective film on the device, if it starts to stick right away, than you have no used enough of the liquid solution. Make sure when you place it on it is free to move arround.
    6. IF your kit came with a squeegee, try and limit the use of it. IF anything just use it arround rounded edges (DO NOT apply firm pressure).
    7. using your fingers (while wet) start rubbing down the protective film onto your device. Use the small bits of paper towels to catch liquid that comes out from the sides, to prevent as least amount of liquid getting inside the phone as possible. Reframe from using credit cards or squeegees to getting the water out. You will end up creasing areas, or having it shift then stick on not properly alligned.
    8. IF you used a proper ammount of liquid solutions there should be no airbubbles at all, HOWEVER if you do see an air bubble right when you place on the protective film, try and slowly remove the film and re-apply it rather than trying to squeze the air bubble out. Squeezing it out will cause creasing most of the time, depending which protective film you're using.
    9. There is no need to squeeze every bit of liquid out, so do not keep hesitating and using pressure to squeeze liquids out. You will get better results if you just leave the water there and let it dry over night.

    best of luck.

    Just keep in mind at all times that using minimal pressure will end in better results. also the best tools at your dispoisal are your fingers... not a card or squeegee.

    should any seriouse ammounts of water get into the sides of the screen, do not panic and do not try and get it out or think you can dry it. The worste thing you can do is move the phone arround. right away place it down with least bit of movement so the drop of water doesnt end up going all over the place inside your phone and actually start damaging things. let the phone sit over night or atleast 14-20 hours to dry, than try again.

    Also, It's best if you keep the battery out of the phone as you do this, it will prevent things from shorting on the boards should water get into it (even if the phone is off) - backup you take a full backup of your phone before leaving the battery out for that long though. If you install the protective shield properly without major ammounts of liquid getting intot he device, than it's safe to just put the battery into the phone after a couple of hours and even start using it if you wish, though i'd recommend atleast let it dry overnight with minimal use.

    feel free to add on any other tips to this thread.
    02-19-09 11:07 PM
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    Well Done!!!
    02-19-09 11:17 PM