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    Hi Boys and girls,

    I am currently using Storm (9500) at the moment, carrier Vodafone AU, current version for my OS is V4.7.0.167 (Platform

    Is there any 5.x offical OS for 9500 that allow you to view Asian languages? Most likely Chinese, Japanese and Korean. I dun really need to type it, but it will be a bonus if i can though.

    I really love my storm..even though i am looking forward to get storm2 at the end of this year (when my contract ends). Is storm2 any good? better than storm? Can someone give me some advices please?

    Please provide me the links for this OS if there is any.

    Thank you very much in advance...I dun really know much about it...

    Best regards

    05-02-10 08:27 PM
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    Hi Mike, try this link
    BlackberryOS - Your Blackberry and RIM Software Source - Blackberry Storm 9530/9500 -

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    05-03-10 04:07 AM