1. shellit's Avatar
    Just got the (Verizon) Storm about two months ago. I've noticed that while playing Slacker, the speaker shuts itself off after each song; the next song comes on and is definitely playing (I can see the time elapsing) but in order to play on the phone's speaker, I have to tap the volume button on the phone. Any thoughts???

    Also, when I'm listening to Pandora, I have to manually advance to the next song every time. Is there any fix for this?

    One more: While placing an outgoing call, my phone will randomly connect using the speaker phone and not the handset. VERY annoying, especially when I'm in a public place and all of a sudden everyone can hear my outgoing call ringing...! Has this happened to anyone else? Anyone know how I can prevent this? FYI, I have StormLock automatically activate during phone calls, so I know I'm not accidentally activating the speaker phone. It only happens when placing an outgoing call; incoming calls are always fine.

    Any help on any of these issues will be greatly appreciated!

    05-14-09 11:13 AM
  2. Transfigured's Avatar
    Seen threads on this recently.

    To find u might try: bottom of storm forum page > display options > set "sorted by" to thread start time > set "from the" to last week or even last 2 days. Or just do a search. I'm bad @ it!
    05-14-09 06:35 PM