1. Echo4's Avatar
    I just experienced my third random shut down. I set the phone down, watched some tv, picked it back up and it was non responsive. This is actually the first time it came back on without a battery pull. I was not doing anything special with it. Some txt, email, facebook and that's about it. There is nothing I was doing the same all three times. Any ideas? I'm a brand new BB user.
    11-25-08 08:21 PM
  2. pmas's Avatar
    vzw tech says an os update will solve it or you can exchange your storm for a new one.
    11-26-08 06:50 AM
  3. sam123gil's Avatar
    This just happened to me this morning. It's happened a few times, but never when I was using it.
    11-26-08 07:10 AM
  4. Echo4's Avatar
    It's funny that you should reply now, I pulled it out of my pocket after driving to work and what do I see? The white boot up screen.

    Okay, I am a brand new BB user and I don't understand what updating the OS means when I have what appears to be the latest right now. Do I need to reinstall something?
    11-26-08 07:12 AM
  5. Echo4's Avatar
    Dang, twice this morning, that's not good.
    11-26-08 07:26 AM
  6. Bert336's Avatar
    mine did it 3 times last night and once this morning

    edit: ok it just did it again and i was actually staring at it :'(
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    11-26-08 07:26 AM
  7. jayharper08's Avatar
    Yup. Same here guys. 3 times yesterday.... None so far today tho!!
    11-26-08 07:32 AM
  8. jbmerr's Avatar
    I have not had this happen at all. I wonder if there is an app that you all have installed that is causing this issue rather than the phone itself.
    11-26-08 07:35 AM
  9. jayharper08's Avatar
    I have installed myspace, cnn, and yahoo messenger. Thats pretty much all. I have uninstalled the VZNav and V.V.
    11-26-08 07:41 AM
  10. Echo4's Avatar
    I have installed facebook, yahoo messenger and gmail chat. I have not removed any apps.
    11-26-08 08:06 AM
  11. jbmerr's Avatar
    Not having any problems...

    I do not have any of those apps installed, but I do have V.V. I imagine your issue is from myspace, cnn, or yahoo.

    I would try removing each of the apps and seeing if you still have the issue. If you do, it is another app or the phone and you might want to reinstall the OS. If you stop having the issue, it is from one of the apps. My guess would be it is with myspace since that is the newest app.
    11-26-08 08:07 AM
  12. Echo4's Avatar
    Noob question, how do you uninstall an app? in the Application Center it gives me an option to reinstall an app, but not uninstall it.

    Also how do I reinstall the OS and will that wipe out contacts?

    Okay these are lazy questions that I could search on, but thought I would keep it here since others might be having this issue and have the same questions if they are new as I am.
    11-26-08 08:41 AM