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    So I have been running 0.90 pretty much since day one of the leak (several weeks now) and up until yesterday, it was running fantastic.

    But now I am getting all sorts of problems, and I'm not sure what's causing them. First of all, here are the third party applications I have installed - which I have had installed since I started running 0.90. The only application I leave on all the time is the facebook app:
    -AP Mobile
    -Google Sync
    -Google Maps

    Now here are the problems I just started having yesterday, after weeks of no battery pulls etc etc:
    -Screen will randomly decide to stay on. When this happens, you cannot power off the phone (battery pull fixes the problem)
    -Sometimes when I lock the phone, I an unable to unlock the phone, and the screen refuses to turn off again (battery pull fixes the problem)
    -Randomly I seem to lose the data network - I can still make phone calls, but text messages and emails will sit there as pending. I've waited as much as 5 minutes, but they won't send - this one is quite annoying because I don't know I've lost data until I try to send something from my end (indicator still reads 1XEV). A battery pull resets the problem, and then I'm usually hit with dozens of messages at once. This has happened 4 times today alone - so now I'm sitting here wondering if my messages are making it through or not...

    If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, please let me know. I know the obvious answer would be to wipe the phone and reinstall (maybe I'll try .100 hybrid)... but I'm just confused why all the sudden, the phone would start having problems like this after weeks of absolutly no problems! Thanks for the help!
    02-09-09 11:21 PM
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    One more problem to add, that I just discovered:

    When screen goes into "wont turn off" mode, switch application stops working. Also cannot move folders or change options during this time. However, I can still launch applications... which doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

    Any ideas on this one?
    02-10-09 03:16 AM