1. Jim95's Avatar
    New user question here..

    I've always had a windows mobile device, and this is my first BB. In WinMo, you could go into the task manager and quit apps to free up memory. Is there something similar on the BB, or does it do memory management on its own? I only ask because when I go to the application switcher, every app that I've opened is still there. It seems like I either have a memory leak or just too many apps open... today is the 2nd morning that I've had to remove the battery and reboot due to extremely slow device responsiveness.

    11-24-08 07:49 AM
  2. Five's Avatar
    Press and hold the blackberry button until the task manager comes up. You can then select and close the applications you want. There are five that will always be running--home, browser, recent calls, BBM, and messages. Depending on the program, you will either have to back out of it, hit the red end button, or hit the blackberry key to bring up a "Close" option.
    11-24-08 08:18 AM