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    I know there are a lot of video threads but almost everyone I have seen are questions about converting DVD's to digital files for the Storm and finding the best process for that. My focus is a little different.

    My question is what is the best and most simplest and free program to use to get digital files that I already have (non-dvd) playing onto the Storm (for example, movies that are on my friend's hard drive or short videos that I have downloaded...legally, of course)?

    The reason I ask is because my friend uses the Zun converter for his Blackberry Curve. It's free and he said you only need to make two changes to the files so it's very simple. One is the resolution, I forget the other. He said conversions of files are very quick and it plays perfect on his curve. Audio/video sync, no hiccups, etc. Unless you were a true video geek, I don't think you would need much better. Can't I just use this same program for the Storm?

    What I'm looking for is:
    - free (why pay when you don't have to)
    - simple (almost as important as free, if not more)
    - fast conversions (I don't have time to sit there and wait a long time for files to get converted. I could watch the movie and be done in that time!)
    - good quality (of course)

    Thanks a million. I hope to get my Storm tomorrow and go to my friend's house right after and jack all his movies on his hard drive that I can fit into the 8gb card right after I download the new update. Lol.
    12-05-08 04:57 AM