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    Ok. Here goes. Please don't blast me for it. My wife hates her tour. She wants something different. So I ran across a storm 1 for a decent price. What is the differences between the s1 and s2. Should I get her the s1 for 75 or keep looking?

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    Double the memory
    Better working screen

    I'm not going to blast you, but a simple search would have got you your answer instantly, and not created another redundant thread.

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    The S1 was a great phone for me, but the S2 is much better. Have her go in to a store and play with one.

    An important question is, why is she frustrated with her tour? If it's slow web browsing and not enough apps, nothing BB will fix that. I don't mean that as an insult to BB. Mine is the best phone I've ever owned, but it is what it's always been, and always will be...a device with some multi media functionality and a very high level of security (the reason it dominates the corporate and government world). If your wife needs a true multi media device and is always talking about what an iPhone or a Droid does, she should look at one of those.
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