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    Firstly let me say that i did search, and i also read the articles in Blackberry 101 lectures. Im sorry to bother with such stupid questions all day and night.

    "Normal Setting" - im assuming this is to make it obey the general volume you set up or down for phone ringer? If so, where/how do i adjust that? Does it have to be done within the sound profile>phone?

    On other phones i was able to open the phone and just hit the volume up/down button to adjust the ringtone volume. I tried on storm but didnt see anything happening.


    Lets say i dont choose "normal setting" for phone ringer volume. Lets say i chose "8". If i push the silence button on top shouldnt it override this? But from what i can tell it doesnt. Phone still rings outloud even if i have it on silent.

    So am i to assume that unless i keep it on "normal setting" the silence button is useless?

    12-22-08 10:17 PM
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    I have done some research and trial and found some stuff out, so id like to use this thread rather than make a new one for my next question.

    So i have discovered (im assuming i am correct) that "Normal Settings" refers to the "Set Ring Tones & Alerts" menu, is this corect?

    So if i make a custom profile and leave the volume and vib at "Normal Setting" it will refer to whatever i set within "Set Ringtone & Alert" menu?

    An additional question i had was, is there any way at all to make the phone ring in the headphones?? Seems logical that if i have headphones plugged in, all audio should go through there. But mine is not. Is there a setting im missing?

    12-23-08 09:59 AM