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    I am in the military living in the UK getting ready to move back to the states. I have a few questions about bringing my BB back with me. I haven't been to the states in 5 years so please forgive my ignorance.

    Its a storm 9500 will wit work on the US networks i see over there its a 9530?

    What providers have blackberry service and about how much is it a month for everything? I got my phone when they first came out it was free on contract and $50ish (35 GBP's) a month for 600 mins, unlimited text, unlimited internet, push email, and the navigation service. Is this comparable to what price plans in the states???

    last question is can the the network provider here lock my phone if the SIM card is out?? I ask because my last phone was unlocked I paid for it and when i called to shut off that phone the sim was still in and when i got off the phone they said to unlock the phone i would need to pay them 20 pounds (30$) and i told them my phone was unlocked but when i got off the phone my phone was completely locked.
    02-25-09 08:30 AM
  2. kokuryuha's Avatar
    you must have the phone unlocked prior to coming back to the US. Call vodafone and see if they will provide it for you. HAving their sim card will not make a difference for that. It sounds like your last phone the unlocking was not done right.

    Carriers like ATT and T-Mo should be able to use your unlocked Storm, but getting the service books over to the phone will take a little doing (check out the how to forum here.) you won't be able to use it on VZW as i believe the 9500 is a GSM only variant of the phone. 9530 is a CDMA/GSM hybrid and vzw uses CDMA.

    I can't attest to other carriers pricing, but for VZW, if you want similar features as what you have with vodafone, it's about $99/mo for 450 min ($40), unlimited text ($20), unliited internet/email ($30), and nav ($10)

    hope that helps.
    02-25-09 05:32 PM
  3. FISH4RUDY's Avatar
    You seem to have internet where you are. I would look at the verizon price plans, to get an idea.
    02-25-09 06:58 PM