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    Wifes S2 keeps randomly dropping data connection. The first time i noticed was when I sent her a BBM and it was never delivered. I checked her phone... said 3G etc - I sent another... nothing. SO I went into the services status and it was connected to the mobile network (VZ) but not the BBIS. So I cycled the connection off then on, it reconnected then the BBM's came through.
    She was about a mile away from me at the time so I know it wasnt a service issue.

    The just yesterday she said "Why am i not getting emails on my phone, but i see them on the computer?" - so I checked... and this time, the radio (is it the radio?) was off... i did a batt pull.. still off.. had to turn it back on. Its working again at the moment. Just doesnt make sense?

    I have an S2 also and have never had it drop out? We are never far from each other (I work from home, her business is 1/4 mile up the street).. SO i would think if its a signal issue, we both would be effected.


    any ideas?
    05-04-10 11:26 AM
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    hmm... now i am wondering. it disabled the bis on .320.. and the off was on 607...

    i doubt she let it get that low, but i suppose its possible. I will have to check it every day for her now.

    thanks for the ideas..
    05-04-10 02:12 PM
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    it did it again... i have tried *228 and updated her PRL... hope that helps. This time though, i was with her the whole time.. mine did not lose its BIS connection.

    Even stranger, the network status said that it was connected, but, the BB symbol was not by the 3G, and she wasnt getting emails. I cycled the connection off then on.. bam.. worked again. does she need to swap her phone?
    05-09-10 10:38 PM