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    I know your all sick of the questions regarding the lack of flash... I have a further q though.

    Why are we so dependent on whether adobe and rim decide to get something done? Can an instance of a flash program not be made to mimick adobes flash player or even a hacked/edited version of there software be made. You guys are some smart folks and I have just never understood why nothing can be done about it.

    I would pay 30 bucks to be able to watch video from hull or megavideo when I want to.... Done waste your time with useless fart apps.... Do something that will truly generate cash

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    03-05-09 11:04 PM
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    Sorry for the double post. I didn't think it went through and didn't want to type it over lol

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    03-05-09 11:17 PM
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    03-06-09 10:28 AM
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    it is a very complex program. plus it may be difficult to add a plugin to opera, blackberry or bolt browsers that would support flash. As well as the fact that it would have to be installed on the Device not Memory card and it would take up to much space and leave you with no space for any applications at all..

    although i do agree with you that it would be awesome.

    i myself would love to watch megavideo on my storm but i dont see it happening anytime soon. especially coming from the devs here.

    This would have to be a Adobe/RIM venture if it were to ever happen.

    but if you need it that bad here is a work around

    Go to sites with DivX videos. Let them buffer then go to your DivX folder and rename the file. Now you have a full movie or whateve you wanted.

    Now install Orb on your desktop and signup

    now you can watch that video or movie on your storm.

    I have 150 movies on my external HD and i can watch any of them from my storm by doing this!!! try it yourself!!!
    03-06-09 11:02 AM
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    That would mean my pc would have to be online all the time correct?

    The reason I'm asking is my laptop broke and the others in my house usually shut the pc down. The main reason I've been wanting it is because th cable has been down and I can't watch tv or get on the net. The bb is my only link to entertainment until its fixed.

    Thanks for your response though! It also bring up the other chang the storm needs. To bw able to process from the lass memory. I know there's got to be someone somewhere that can figure a work around for see HUGE problems...... Or is it that hard to edit rims soft... I guess I'm in the dark here lol

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    03-06-09 04:01 PM
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    Writing a Flash implementation is no small task, as "Flash" covers a pretty big tent. Its not only a matter of writing an implementation, but also optimizing and configuring it appropriately. This is why only Adobe can put out a decent product - they know the ins and outs of the format and have the resources to do such a thing.
    03-06-09 04:03 PM
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    That makes a lot sense. I just wish come company would get on the ball and do something

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    03-06-09 04:30 PM