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    hey guys , iv been using beta os since the curve.... used them happily on my bold too ....
    now since iv shifted to the storm iv upgraded to .90 and though i love it it has a lot of bugs .... phone freezes, random reboots,battery ***** etc etc.... i feel its putting my phone in overdrive for no reason....
    i wanted to no if this can harm the hardware of my phone?
    also can any of the other storm owners notice these small dots on the screen in a uniform pattern?? they are in rows and columns ... i used to have them on my htc touch screen phones earlier , but is it normal on the storm just like other touchscreen phones?

    ^^ answered .... just used the search feature and got an answer....
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    01-27-09 12:02 AM
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    yes the dots are touchscreen sensers.... and no .90 wont harm your phone.
    01-27-09 12:05 AM