1. iAtty's Avatar
    Got my Storm about a week ago and am loving it so far, still have the stock OS on it (.75?) and even though it has it's faults I'm still enjoying it.

    Anyway, I'm wondering if it's possible and how to add custom ringtones to my Storm? I've got a Mac and would like to do it with that but if it's not possible I can switch to my PC to do it. Any help guys? Thanks!
    03-07-09 03:05 PM
  2. Dostovel's Avatar
    Besides downloading it at 3rd party sites like stormgrounds.com you can also send them to your phone in mp3 format. I use Audactiy to edit the mp3s I want, and then just use the media manager to send them over to the phone... you could probably email them to yourself too and save the file to the phone. Using the media manager is definitely the fastest way though.
    03-07-09 03:07 PM