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    I'm sure most of you have already done this but I just did it tonight and thought I would share with you all.

    My company email can be sent to my storm but it requires them to "lock down" my phone which I will not allow so I gave my personal email to my coworkers to use and I just check my corporate email from the webmail application as needed.

    In my job it is necessary for me to get my messages ASAP. Not 15 minutes later when the system runs its check and downloads my live.com emails.

    So I went in the email settings and set up my vzw.blackberry.net email address.

    I then forwarded all of my emails from my live.com account to the vzw.blackberry.net address. When I reply from the vzw.blackberry account it shows as responding from my live.com address.

    And of course its instant and I do not have to wait 15 minutes anymore!! And now one knows its from my vzw.blackberry account. All emails read live.com regardless of where they are routed.

    Now if I could just get Outlook Web Access to forward to my personal email I'd be set. If anyone knows if this can be done please chime in.

    Like I said I'm sure everyone knows this but I'm new and excited when I learn sonmething new!!
    11-11-09 08:03 PM
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    I have a similar situation. My company will not add personal BlackBerries to the BES server, and if they did I am sure it would "locked down", as you mentioned.

    Assuming, like me, that your BB is using BIS and not BES, here's what I did:

    I forward all my corporate emails to a @live.com account that I created specifically for this purpose. Then I setup that @live.com account on my BB so that it automatically attaches a signature almost literally stating "Sent from my BlackBerry, please do NOT respond to this email directly. Send response to corporate_email@domain.com". I also set the "Reply to" field to my corporate email, as well as set the "Auto BCC" field to my corporate email. All of these are accessible thru the "Setup" > "Email settings" > log in and choose the appropriate email account. The "Reply To" and "Auto BCC" fields are under "Delivery Options", whereas the "Signature" field is under "General Options".

    So what happens is this... someone sends me an email to my corporate account, it gets forwarded to my @live.com account. Then I respond to it from my BB, which then gets BCC'd to my corporate email (just so it is available from my corporate email client). They respond back, really doesn't matter if they respond to my corporate email account or to my @live.com account (despite my signature and "Reply to" field settings), as the response will end up in both accounts anyway.

    Long explanation, I know. But hope it helps ya .
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