05-08-10 07:56 PM
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    I am thinking about getting the S2. I have a Curve 8530 now and I love it but I wanna try something new. Someone told me, that has the S2, when your texting you have to use "T9". I figured you would text like you would on any keyboard phone. You just text like what you want like you would on a computer.

    So do you text with T9 or is like the Curve 8530?
    How are applications for the S2?
    Can you lock the phone with a password like on the Curve?

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    You have a choice of virtual keyboards. I prefer the full kepboard over th others.
    05-03-10 02:08 PM
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    came from the Storm to Storm2 less than two weeks ago and already upgraded the OS. major differences between the two phones that I've come across are most definitely the memory . all memory is double capacity which the best of it includes the apps (3x) partition. That was the most i was concerned with. Newest OS .607 is slightly unresponsive at times but overall faster flash mem and phone mem make up for it. The biggest disappointment I had was with battery life. RIM upgraded everything but the ability to power the Storm2. Same battery as the Storm which sucks. One would think that if you're doubling capacity in almost every which way then you'd need a strong power supply. not true with the Storm2. at idle (and I mean IDLE) it can last up to 27 hours (at least for me). running news feeds, text, music, or any other application can drain it to minimum 12 hours. These are my two cents if anyone cares to disagree please do so but quietly. lol.

    PS... battery came standard from VZ via RIM
    PPS... one other caveat: love the surepress but annoying sometimes "fat fingering" keyboard.
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    I got my S2 last week. I was on the Tour. I absolutely love it. I'm running 607 with no major issues.
    05-04-10 04:08 PM
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    Gald I found this thread. I'm up for a new phone with Verizon. I've been waiting on the Tour 2 but then had been thinking about the Storm 2. Wasn't sure if I really wanted it a touchscreen phone. I've played around with some others including the first Storm. I had pretty much decided the other day to to go ahead with the Storm 2. This thread sealed the deal. Probably will get it next week. Woohooooooo!!!
    05-08-10 07:28 PM
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    If I was you I would buy an S2 on Graigslist and use it and save your upgrade. I think Storm3 is coming late in the Fall and it will be a better device. The Storm line is getting better and better with each generation like the Iphone.

    I had an 8330, Storm1 and now the Storm2(I tried the Moto Droid for 3.5 weeks and came back BB because of not being able to adjust the font in the OEM mail app).
    I looked at the Incredible and while you can adjust the font size now and has pinch zoom, you can not see the screen outside in daylight. Too much glare due to type of screen. I could read the Storm2 very well when put side by side.

    I know the S2 is not perfect, show me a smart phone that is, but it does pretty much everything very well. I have had the .607 and an hybrid based on it and have gone back to a .517 hybrid by OOAK and it is working better for me. Each BB is different and what works on one phone may not work as well on another. It is easy to try different OSs so try them and don't be afraid. it is almost impossible to kill a BB. Good luck.
    05-08-10 07:56 PM
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