1. vdubnbass's Avatar
    Hey , I was wondering why this this didn't come with some sort of FF/RW or a progression time for the music player.... but than i tapped the screen and it appeared! I tried again double clicking and holding down the screen, but still no progress bar. Is there a certain setting that I haven't found yet that hides this??
    12-11-08 02:26 PM
  2. FUSIBLE's Avatar
    Mine always shows the FF,RW,PSE and Play buttons. When I tap the screen it shows the progress bar and if you highlight the progress bar and press the screen, you can toggle where you want the song to play. Pretty cool actually.
    12-11-08 02:29 PM
  3. Latin Thug's Avatar
    I found just tapping the screen lightly works. One tap pops it up and one tap takes it away. It is a running program so you may want to give it a sec to appear i guess.
    12-11-08 02:29 PM
  4. Limjelo's Avatar
    Like Latin said, simply tap the screen to make it appear. Once it's up, click the progress button and drag it where you would like to go and then click it at that point.
    12-11-08 02:32 PM
  5. vdubnbass's Avatar
    Ite.. thanks ya'll. Just tried the light tap but still nothing... Can you all do me a favor and post up what your tad/hold setting are?
    12-11-08 02:45 PM
  6. vdubnbass's Avatar
    hehehe ok, I think I have it figured out.. I've been tapping just above the play controls... tapping higher and on the track name works , thanks again!
    12-11-08 02:49 PM