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    I've seen many of the same problems surface here lately and being the type to think nothing happens by accident... I swear these Storms have been programmed to fail, especially with the introduction of DROID-X.

    Now, of course that would take Verizon to do that...somehow, as RIM wouldn't want it to happen until Storm3 comes out.

    Then again maybe I'm just nuts
    07-02-10 04:20 PM
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    I've made a statement about this in the past. I blame RIM here though.... I feel that when the storm was a concept and being planned, they didn't think about the processors for phone that were going to be available around the time they were going to release the device. What this translates to is such a short technology lifespan of the device and it was rendered obsolete probably only a few months after it came out. But such is the way with technology, something better always comes out only a short time after. My graphics card is considered legacy and ATI won't provide any more support for it and my laptop is only 2 years old......

    I personally don't think Verizon cares as long as when you get a new phone you sign a new 2yr contract with them. I'm not sure how phone companies get billed for phones, but I think RIM is getting money from the phone companies for the amount of phones they planned to sell or something. The only thing hurting RIM is probably the transition from being all about business phones to multimedia and entertaining phones. Again it relates to having a solid processor with a good amount of memory too. This way they can design an OS that wouldn't strain the processor.
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