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    Hey everybody... I have a stumper here that I'm hoping somebody has a good answer to. I use my BB Storm for being oncall at work and need to make sure that SMS Text messages wake me up. On my old BB, I was able to create a profile to where the SMS Text messages would Sound the alert multiple times really loud. On my new Storm, I don't see any option to sound an alert multiple times on any profile settings. I only see that you can do a custom Vibration setting so that it vibrates multiple times, but it still only sounds the alert once. This is no good. I need it to sound the alert multiple times. Anybody have any ideas? Is there some convoluted way of getting a profile customized for this? Is there an app I could install that allows me to do this? I'm running on V4.7.0.75 on the 9530. Thanks.
    03-16-09 10:45 PM
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    It can be done via contacts, I believe. Choose the contact and edit accordingly. I'm assuming that the people contacting you are already in your contacts.
    * EDIT - sorry, read your post again. Not sure about the message reminder, but what about a custom ring tone that lasts for several minutes!? Any bell for a length of time should wake you

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