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    I had a problem with the preinstalled "Notifier" tones not playing once my screen went black in OS .75 and the issue seemed to be resolved in .132 until yesterday when I wasn't getting notified of SMS messages because I was using a "Notifier" ringtone. I have done three battery pulls and still hasn't been resolved. The "notifier" tones will play when I am using the phone or when the display is on but once I set the phone down and the screen goes black, the phone won't play a ringtone for messages.
    05-23-09 02:12 PM
  2. patches152's Avatar
    when you added the ringtones to your phone, it should have scanned the new media and created a bbThumbs.dat file in the directory where you stored that media. use the media>explore and go to where you placed the ringtones, hit the bb button and "show hidden" and delete the bbThumbs.dat file, then do a battery pull. once it powers on it will be slow because it is scanning your media and creating a new .dat file....give it a min or two.

    when its done, go to the ringtones, confirm settings are correct, then send a test message

    for sms you can email your phone number or sms yourself.

    xxxxxxxxx@vzwtxt.com (replace the "X" with your phone number just straight 10 digit number)
    05-23-09 03:48 PM
  3. tm85664's Avatar
    I have done that but I am not having an index problem. I must have not clearly stated the problem. There is a series of ringtones that are called "Notifier", like Notifier-Lightspeed for example. When the backlight goes black and if i am using a ringtone from the notifier series it doesnt play. However if the backlight is on for example, using the phone or watching a movie, the ringtone will play correctly. I read in another thread somewhere that it was a know issue with the "Notifier" series ringtones and that it was only an issue in OS .75. I upgraded to OS .132 about 2 weeks ago and the issue was resolved until yesterday. I have wiped the handheld and reinstalled the .132 OS and the bug still remains. Why was it fixed for two weeks and then stopped all of a sudden?
    05-23-09 03:56 PM
  4. patches152's Avatar
    oh, gotcha...

    if it worked then stop then something besides the OS is impacting it, obviously.

    reset to factory defaults (wipe handheld in the security settings) and then sync contacts and calendar, and set all settings manually, maybe a corrupt database created from settings causing the issue?
    05-23-09 03:57 PM