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    I have searched but not found a problem like this otherwise I am just blind if there is a post made for this. My problem is as follows:

    Everything was fine until the screen started going out. After multiple restarts, the screen would come up for a bit but go away if I tried to do anything, I could maybe send one or two texts but then the screen would just hang (the phone would light up but there wouldn't be anything on the screen). I found out that I can update it fine, I downgraded completely to 4.7 then went back up to 5.0 but the same problem still persists. Can anyone help me please? Thanks in advance.
    07-24-10 06:01 AM
  2. carlos31820's Avatar
    Almost sounds like the screen ribbon cable has come loose. It definitely sounds like a hardware issue since changing the OS didn't fix it.

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    07-24-10 07:45 AM
  3. razaskates's Avatar
    The phone is kind of working right now, like the screen is showing but as soon as i send a text or two, the screen messes up and it just goes blank with just the lights showing up. Is it for sure a hardware problem?
    07-24-10 04:02 PM
  4. el_ote's Avatar
    I agree with carlos. Did 4.7 work at all when you downgraded before you went back to 5.0? There is a link to a site that sells parts for the differnt phones, and in that tjread were instructions on opening this bad boy up...sorry I didn't copy the link tho but its in here...

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    07-24-10 08:12 PM