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    you need to start out with an unlocked bb storm you can do this by getting a verizon account holder to help you contact global support with their account info and (sweet talk them ) into unlocking it you can just tell them you go out of the country alot and want to use a gsm prepaid sim but you also " have to "tell them you have another account through your company that uses gsm and you dont want to have to use two differnt phones and transfer data between etc because that would be toooo complicated they go through the process with you and unlock it the unlock code is differnt for each imei# or phone.... so they have to give it to you no other way yet!!!!

    First off make sure you have the blackberry plan active and the edge icon is in caps "EDGE"

    second you need to make sure you have set up the blackberry email (which activates the browser etc.) it wont let me post url for the site but you can google bis att and it will give you the site .... sign up for the bis (blackberry internet service) which you will need your imei# and blackberry pin # which you can find under options/advanced/status in your bb storm sign up and you will get a message when it is active..... if it does not work right you will have to get the pin/imei # unlocked through blackberry

    third then go through pltaylor's instructions to the "T" making sure the att service books are containing 32ish items and are 9.4ish kb this just insures that the zip file is correct if it is not then the browser will not function which took me 48 hours to figure out and alot of jack daniels ....... follow the great outline of pltaylor and you will be working in about 30 min or less

    let me know if you have any Q's i might be able to help just pm me or email me at eddiemilleriii@att.blackberry.net it will come to my storm so ill respond faster by email

    thanks and good luck

    ps pltaylor is great and helped me 190% to figure this out we all owe him big so when he is in nc next time I will buy him a round or twelve...... hopefully i can help some one along side him ..... im not trying to steal his post just trying to help ......

    hats off to pltaylor
    12-08-08 07:42 PM
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    12-14-08 05:14 PM
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    I recently bought an unlocked storm and used pltaylor's directions on wiki to get the browser to work on AT&T. It worked fine for a few days, until i decided to update my firmware. I deleted the OS version .75 on my pc desktop and replaced it with OS version .90. I then wiped my handheld and repeated all pltaylor's wiki steps with verion .90. I no longer have the browser! Do you know why this might be? All the other data functions work (bb messenger, email, facebook etc...)
    01-27-09 01:23 PM