1. aarman32291's Avatar

    I recently bought a storm from verizon and I love it. But recently I've been having trouble sending SMS messages. When I send a text it either says its pending or it failed. But the person I sent it to gets 3 messages from me.

    Has anyone else had this problem?
    05-16-09 02:47 PM
  2. collin16's Avatar
    how much of a signal do you have where you are sending the message from?
    05-16-09 03:53 PM
  3. aarman32291's Avatar
    It doesn't matter. It does it when I have 5 bars and it does it when I have 1.
    05-16-09 04:37 PM
  4. tyler.hopkins's Avatar
    Have you done a battery pull?

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    05-16-09 04:41 PM
  5. savioAMG's Avatar
    I've had complaints from people sometimes about receiving duplicate posts from me, however on my phone it says it sent fine.

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    05-16-09 04:41 PM
  6. aarman32291's Avatar
    Battery pull to fix it? Or a battery pull because my storm freezes and then this causes a problem with sms
    05-16-09 05:01 PM
  7. londonlavish's Avatar
    happens to me all the time its the network
    05-16-09 05:06 PM
  8. aarman32291's Avatar
    It happens every text message I send. I cannot send a text without this happening
    05-16-09 05:08 PM
  9. bdale00's Avatar
    If it is to the same person, (unless multiple people say the samething) they may need to reset there phone.. All phones have software and need reset everynow and then...
    05-16-09 05:18 PM
  10. aarman32291's Avatar
    Yeah nope its to everyone. I send a message. It says its pending and then 20 minutes later I get a message like WHOA omg Stop sending me the same text message I got it 6 times
    05-16-09 05:20 PM