1. Jester17's Avatar
    Hey so I just got a blackberry storm and I downloaded the free version of pattern lock but it seems that when I have it activated my alarm clock wont work. So right now if I want to set an alarm and have it go off I have to turn off pattern lock before I go to sleep and then if I want it back on I have to reset it to on and this is very annoying. I know its not the end of the world having to turn the application on and off but its really annoying. Does anyone know of a way to have pattern lock set to on and have so sort of alarm clock so I can wake up for work on time? Thanks
    01-15-10 03:18 AM
  2. DJH's Avatar
    My issue is a similar one. I just downloaded the updated purchase version and when i dock my 9550 at night and the landscape background comes on...the clock will not keep moving. On the display it shows the time I docked it, but all i do is touch the screen and it goes to the current time.
    07-01-10 10:08 AM
  3. valorian's Avatar
    Yep, I spent a few hours trying to figure out how to get this to work. I eventually decided to uninstall patternlock because of this problem.
    07-01-10 12:05 PM