1. andyz02's Avatar
    Im an exchange student from Austria and i am in ohio right now. I am leaving the states in 2 days and I wanna keep using my blackberry storm 2 from verizon. which i bought here in the United States.
    Well, I already called Verizon and they gave me the MEP code to unlock my phone so that i can use my Austrian SIM card on my Blackberry.
    Well, now i put my SIM card in my Phone and it works fine.
    But when i want to use the internet the following message shows up: "This is a Wi-Fi service. Please ensure your device has an active Wi-Fi connection and try again."
    Does this say that i can not use the internet in my country without Wi-Fi? Why can i not use it with the Mobile Network as usual?
    06-02-10 05:28 PM
  2. StaticFX's Avatar
    It might be that u need to activate the bis service at home? Call verizon and have them transfer u ti RIM.

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    06-02-10 06:26 PM