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    I took my phone in yesterday to get a replacement (lower left corner of screen is not responsive) and the tech support guy wiped my phone. He said it was procedure, but it was a bunch of b.s if you ask me. Well after they finally realized that it was a hardware issue and not a software issue, they ordered me a new phone.

    The problem I have since they did the wipe is that I can't sync up to Google Sync. I get a message that says, "the server's certificate is not trusted." I ended up calling tech support and they couldn't figure out what's causing it. The other issue I'm now having is the application center is empty and when I try to refresh it says, "An error occurred while updating the application list. Insufficient wireless coverage."

    I did a search and I tried some of the tips that were given, but they didn't do anything to correct the problem. Has anyone else experienced this problem or do you know of a way to fix this while I wait on my replacement?

    Thanks and I love Crackberry. This site is really like a drug.
    12-11-08 03:05 PM