1. MrJayDeeOne's Avatar
    I am going to Aruba next month and I am curious about these prepaid sim cards.
    I have a 9530 so what would I do. Get the unlock code from Verizon and then I just get a sim card and remove the Verizon one put the new one in place and I am good to go? do I need to change any of the settings on the Storm itself:?
    I was looking at this one that I found with google Aruba SIM Card - Prepaid cell phone service for travelers
    and then I saw this one as well on EBAY Aruba Pre Paid GSM SIM Card $.17 to USA 45 minutes FREE - eBay (item 250417156127 end time May-08-09 14:53:40 PDT)
    should I get one of the above or just grab something when I get there?
    any others out there that anyone knows of?

    and then when I get back just pop in Verizon sim and that is it?
    05-05-09 12:41 AM
  2. ohtiggerr's Avatar
    Should be as simple as that. Unlock and swap sim. On another note. What would posess any1 to go2aruba and spend money supporting such a blatently corrupt island. They STILL refuse to properly investigate or prosecute the natalie holloway case! F*** Aruba! Too many other options for travel! Just my .02cents

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    05-05-09 01:54 AM
  3. Mr Bear's Avatar
    The videos I've seen from Aruba depict a strip of bars, surrounded by a scrub-brush landscape. I don't get the appeal either. You want clear blue water, there're lots of places to choose from.
    05-05-09 11:55 AM
  4. mi_hiker's Avatar
    Aruba is a wonderful place. I do not know the details the Halloway case and doubt that few do outside the authorities and family (although Nancy Graces likes to think she does).

    The beaches are clean, water gorgeous, weather great, and the landscape stunning.

    Best of all the people are wonderfully nice. I'm sure poverty exists on the island as it does everyplace else in the world, but we rented a car and drove all around the island including into residential areas, and folks seem to live quite well there. This was important to me as I wanted to vacation somewhere where not only a very few live like kings and the rest as second class citizens. We definitely found this and more in Aruba.

    And when you go, make sure to drink the water, it is delicious! They distill the water directly from the ocean and it is absolutely the best tasting water. Check out Madame Jeanettes for dinner, WONDERFUL fresh seafood and steaks and a great French wine list. Best of all the prices are reasonable.

    Have fun and go explore outside of the resort area, you won't be disappointed!
    05-08-09 11:09 AM
  5. banshee66's Avatar
    How did that prepaid Sim work out? Going to Jamaica next monthwanted to do the same thing.
    06-29-10 11:27 AM