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    I suggest all of you fill out this form:

    www .verizonwireless .com /b2c/contact/email.jsp

    (there are spaces in the url because of posting rules)

    I bought this phone from pre-order at Best Buy, and was planning on returning it and switching back to my 8830, or even switching to ATT within the month time period. I feel as if I was lied to by the customer service, sales and tech reps at Verizon, who told me that the phone would be fixed with 4.7.075, which it was not. They urged me not to return the phone because it would be fixed, sucking me into staying on past the return date. I suppose I should not have bought a phone on pre-order, but is this really our fault as loyal RIM and Verizon customers? The only reason I did not return my phone and get back my upgrade is because I was lied to. If you feel that you too were lied to, please email customer service at the above link and express your dissatisfaction. I plan to switch carriers if I am not given a new upgrade to use on a more suitable device (aka a full qwerty blackberry). I suggest you do the same. There is certainly power in numbers.
    05-12-09 06:33 PM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    good luck with that
    05-12-09 06:54 PM
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    Let's see. Did they lie to you about the return policy? Did they REALLY tell you that .75 was going to fix ALL issues? REALLY? And you believed them? REALLY?
    05-12-09 07:19 PM
  4. -FeistyCJ-'s Avatar
    Did you get these promises in writing? If so, you may have something here...
    If not, good luck. Bottom line...you signed the contract, you are an adult, and you were not forced to keep the phone past the return date.

    Sorry if I am coming off harsh, but you can only blame yourself.
    05-12-09 07:35 PM
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    I bought this phone from pre-order at Best Buy...
    Well, there was your first mistake. You should just feel lucky that you actually found a phone in the box when you opened it, instead of a brick paving stone.

    (Of course, some of the Storm haters out there might suggest that we were all sold bricks, regardless of retailer, when we purchased the Storm, but that's a joke for another occasion.)
    05-12-09 07:50 PM
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    It has been said a million times so I'll say a million and one...take the phone to a store, throw a fit about bein told about an upgrade 6 months ago, threaten to change carriers, and walk out with whatever you want. End of story.

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    05-12-09 07:54 PM
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    how many ******* threads are you going to start JDCASTLE1
    05-13-09 12:42 PM