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    Anybody ever notice making a post to a thread and then when you go back and refresh, your post isn't recognized? In other words, the last post and post time listed is the one before yours even though your post is clearly there and more recent? That happens to me sometimes even after refreshing, exiting out of the browser and even if I empty the cache and exit the browser. Any ideas why?

    Edit: just noticed that it only happens with select threads. Right now, for instance, I am showing that the last BB Storm RIP post was at 8:46 and that is where it is sequenced in the list of threads even though there were several posts after that and the most recent one was actually at 10:47.

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    I have noticed that before, and have wound up posting twice in a row because of it. So I just let the 1st post be ... patience, young Jedi!
    01-11-09 10:42 AM