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    I finally have time to load some videos and mp3 on my Storm. But I am a little disappointed on how the media player works.

    I like to group my video files in folders. For example, I set up a folder for music videos, and then subfolders for different bands or artists. Then I have a separate folder for movie videos, and another folder for personal videos that I took with my camcorder. I organize my music in the same fashion, using the artist->album folder/subfolder structure.

    But when I clicked on Media and then Video, it just display ALL the videos on my SD card, without the aforementioned folders. I have to scroll through all the videos to find the one that I want to watch. Same thing with the music. In my humble opinion, it is very poor media file management.

    Now, for some unknown reasons, they allow you to go through folders to find your photos. So why can't they implement the same thing for videos and music?

    I like my stuffs organized and this is annoying to me. Does it bother anyone? How do you organize your media files in Storm?

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    03-03-09 10:06 AM