View Poll Results: Is .100 a winner or a loser?

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  • Yes, its a winner!

    52 48.60%
  • Yes, its a winner, but Ive had a better OS.

    13 12.15%
  • No, but Ill keep it.

    18 16.82%
  • No, Ill downgrade.

    24 22.43%
02-10-09 08:46 PM
31 12
  1. Nimbus265's Avatar
    Nope just downgraded back to 78. I hate getting my Storm out of the holster and getting the VSOD. At least 6 times in the last few days, it won't wake up properly. It is not stable. The battery drain has increased; I used to be able to get 48hrs from full charge to fully dischards (I have 2 batteries). I only get a day if I'm lucky now, at the same sorts of usesage rate.

    OK 78 may have been a little slow - but it worked perfectly for me - everytime; Its been in my wife's Storm since day 1 and she's never had to do a battery pull (I'm not sure she would know what to do)...

    Give me stable leak please!
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    02-06-09 06:34 PM
  2. Phoctifino's Avatar
    I've just downgraded back to .87 after nearly a week with .100. Overall I didn't find any major improvements between these versions, but .100 started getting very laggy (typing, unlocking, switching between menues etc). Also found myself having to do more battery pulls to fix this, but further battery pulls were needed because the initial pull wouldn't fix everything first time.

    Also, typing seemed to result in many more typing errors - are the keys smaller / screen presses less accurate on .100 than .87? Since I've gone back to .87, my typing has suddenly improved....

    .87 was a big improvement on .78, so will stick with this until the next official release.
    02-10-09 07:21 AM
  3.'s Avatar
    Have someone tried Siths Hybrid to compare with regulary .100?
    02-10-09 12:33 PM
  4. dannycat's Avatar
    Been using .100 for a while now and my experience has been pretty good, better than .90 where my phone got bricked twice after the first few happy days. Battery has improved a lot and in general pretty stable but I could do with more speed. Show me an official now with lots of speed!!!
    02-10-09 05:12 PM
  5. trunklips's Avatar
    I just downgraded. I have had to do more battery pulls using this os. I have never seen so many vsod since I have had the phone.
    02-10-09 06:04 PM
  6. MR 1JZ's Avatar
    since I have downgraded the version of MSN that came with the new .100 firmware I havent had to do one battery pull...that was 3 days ago...

    very happy with it still
    02-10-09 08:46 PM
31 12