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    Okay, you'd think it's pretty explanatory but I don't understand what the saved space can be applied to. Lets say you have an OS file that is 150MB installed on your phone. You apply shrink a OS and get it down to 100MB. Does this mean that you have 50MB more for installing apps? I'm getting annoyed because I have a few apps installed (like 10 maybe) and I keep getting the remove application popup due to low space. If not, what's the point of having more memory? -- What is this extra memory for? App world's memory bar (under the "My World" screen) indicates a total of 128 MB's possible for application memory.
    05-24-10 09:02 PM
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    Yes, more space to install apps to. Also, having more available memory will help speed the phone up some. Just like when you have a computer maxed out on memory, it will run much slower because of all the extra thinking it needs to do.

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    05-24-10 09:15 PM
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    The previous post is right and wrong.

    Shrink-A-OS removes applications/features you don't use. You can manually remove many of them yourself simply by unchecking them when installing the OS to your phone. Shrink-A-OS also makes the removal of some other features easier and can save you a little space, but it isn't at all as much as you might think it would be. When Shrink-A-OS removes java files, it also removes files that never would have been installed to your phone. For example, you can use it to remove other language files besides English. There can be a lot of language files and these files take up a large amount of space in the actual OS/hybrid. So, Shrink-A-OS removes them. But if you weren't going to install them anyhow, it doesn't make any difference as they wouldn't have been installed to your phone in the first place.

    Where Shrink-A-OS makes a difference is in the removal of things you don't need but that you can't deselect in the OS loading process. For example, the setup wizard, sample pictures, etc. This can save you a few MBs, but that's about all. So Shrink-A-OS will shrink your OS, but not by nearly as much as you might think.

    So what does this mean? You really only save a few MB, so you can still run out of space on the original Storm, unless you do fairly regular battery pulls and watch which apps are installed on your phone. Remember, some apps can leak memory fairly heavily, so you need to ensure the apps that you have installed don't do that.

    I hope this helps explain things a bit.
    05-24-10 10:48 PM