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    has anyone tried this? I just downloaded, as podcasts all I really listen to, seems like a great program not optimized for Storm but seems to work

    PodTrapper Podcast Manager - Entertainment BlackBerry Software - Crackberry Store

    VersatileMonkey.com - Podtrapper blackberry podcatcher and podcast player
    12-17-08 08:43 PM
  2. EdwardK's Avatar
    I OTA'd it today and added a couple of MP3 feeds (TWiT and Dave Ramsey). I then proceeded to DL a couple of episodes (wirelessly) and tried them out. Sound was good and Podtrapper remembered where I left off (bookmarked). Also, it knew to store the files on the microSDHC card.

    I need to try out the desktop portion to see if it's convenient to DL to the PC and sync to the Storm (not to say wireless DL is bad, just uses data plan).

    I bought the Storm to get out of carrying 2 devices, 1 being an iPod Touch and I spend at least 2 hours a day listening to podcasts. Seeing it's $8 right now, I'm purchasing Podtrapper. Bye bye iPod.

    The good thing is that he's just started developing this app and if you go to the site, the developer is listening to suggestions.

    The only thing I didn't like was that the app would pause for messages. I don't mind pausing for incoming phone calls, but no pause for messages preferred.
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    12-18-08 04:53 PM
  3. Quanius's Avatar
    I am waiting for Viigo's podcasting capability. It's under development. I hate to have a different sw utility for every single activity. Would be curious about feature differences when Viigo comes out. The DL limit on the BB browser is a huge pita.
    12-19-08 07:16 AM
  4. diprip's Avatar
    what is the download limit on the bb browser?
    12-19-08 07:34 AM
  5. Quanius's Avatar
    what is the download limit on the bb browser?
    I believe it's 5MB
    12-22-08 01:13 PM
  6. htimsmith's Avatar
    2.9MB...kind of a strange limit, but that's what it is...
    12-22-08 02:30 PM
  7. blondarb's Avatar
    I am currently about 11 mb through an 85 mb podcast downloaded using ota and podtrapper. i can listen while it is downloading. this app is awesome. some of these podcasts are huge. i think the app needs to be visually updated (better gui) for the storm, but it has amazing potential. the ability to do this is one of the main reasons i purchased the storm!
    12-23-08 08:26 AM